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Baby’s first Christmas!

Tatem is getting ready to celebrate his very first Christmas.  His Mom and Dad couldn’t be more smitten- and neither could we!  This handsome little man charmed his way through this shoot like a pro.  We wish the Wood family a very happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year!



Holiday Order Deadline: Friday Dec 7th

How do the holidays always sneak right up?  It seems like one day we are talking pumpkins and hayrides and BAM! next thing you know….we are mailing out holiday cards and hanging up lights!!  This is our favorite time of year and yet it sure does fly by.

That’s why we wanted to post a quick reminder about our Holiday Order Deadline (which is coming up quickly too!).  If you have been considering gift prints or would like to use a session photo from anytime this year as part of your holiday card design with Minted.com, now is definitely the time to make those last minute image selections.  Friday, December 7th will be the final day to place orders in time for pre-holiday arrival.

Our date is based largely on printing deadlines and with extra consideration for the rush involved with shipping this time of year.  Because so many of our orders are gifts this time of year, we give ourselves plenty time to inspect, package and deliver each precious piece of art with care.  Above all else, we want this to be a stress-free season for everyone so please let us know if you need any assistance with your order.

Thank you and we wish you and your families a beautiful Thanksgiving!  We feel so thankful for each one of our amazing clients, thank you.

Amy + Roni

Cam + Luke: Sneak Peek!

Words cannot express how much we adore Cam + Luke- they just go together!!  They are the perfect yin + yang, completing each other effortlessly.  And their wedding day was truly a celebration of the love and happiness they share.

To begin with, Cam.  She was stunning and beaming with anticipation all day.  We won’t forget the moments of excitement leading up to her first look with her future husband… we could almost feel her heart beating as we stood just a few feet away capturing it all.  And Luke, with his easy-going spirit, was so smitten with his new bride, we don’t think he took his eyes off her the entire night.

Add in a ceremony filled with endearing stories of how these two have grown as a couple and some of the most heartfelt and humorous toasts, from dear friends, we have ever heard – and it made for a truly unforgettable evening.  The dance floor was jamming all night, the room was filled with laughter and lots of joyful tears too.  Pretty amazing night, topped off with a visit from the ice cream man.  Yep, you read that right…a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Congratulations Cam + Luke!



Cam + Luke : Love Story Sneak Peek

Here is the thing we noticed right away about Cam and Luke, these two are so incredibly comfortable together…you can feel this beautiful sense of calm and happiness that surrounds them.  From the very first shot of the day, we couldn’t help but catch the endearing way they looked at each other and how their connection seemed to flow so naturally.  They just fit together perfectly!

When we first met Cam last year, we lost track of time chatting over coffee about their wedding day inspiration and our shared passion for vintage-y flea market finds.  She could easily be our long lost sister!  She has such a beautiful sunny personality; it was fate that our love story session arrived on the most spectacular spring day!  Everything was in colorful bloom and there was the prettiest breeze, it was meant to be for sure.  Just like these two.

Let’s not forget the handsome Mr. Luke, he is the remarkable kind of guy that will do just about anything to bring a smile to Cam’s face.  We love that, it’s a quality every girl should be lucky enough to find in her future husband.

Congratulations to a very happy couple, we can’t wait to spend some more time together and to see you again on your wedding day!!