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Cam + Luke : Love Story Sneak Peek

Here is the thing we noticed right away about Cam and Luke, these two are so incredibly comfortable together…you can feel this beautiful sense of calm and happiness that surrounds them.  From the very first shot of the day, we couldn’t help but catch the endearing way they looked at each other and how their...

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Nicole + Frank : Love Story Sneak Peek

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.  We were so blessed to see this for ourselves while spending the morning with Nicole + Frank!  They have recently been reunited after a work assignment kept them from each other for months.  It was hard not to capture the excitement and joy they were feeling being...

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brittany + shane ~ engaged!!

in the very beginning, when we first started talking about what kind of photographers we wanted to be…we were faced with a pretty big choice: option A:  the stationary model of working inside a traditional studio space, using backdrops + studio lights OR option B: welcoming the adventure of working in the great outdoors, using...

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